StreamItLive.com Finds Streaming Solution in LiveCamNetwork 1.9

Written By: Greg Jones/2much Media & Communications

(INDIANA) May 16, 2004 — Live adult video chat site www.Streamitlive.com has ended a period of significant instability by signing with LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software creator 2Much Internet Services Inc.

Founded in 2002 by web veteran Brent Daugherty, Streamitlive has had its endless run of problems. We went through so many solutions that we lost hundreds of performers and studios over time.

A large part of the problem was the inflexibility of software available on the market. A lot of software out there has some good things and some bad things. I dont want to bash on anyone elses software so I will leave it at that. Daugherty, 36 and an experienced net entrepreneur, said.

A lot of live webcam software on the market these days started out for the site that now sells it and is tailored to what the site owner wanted and doesnt take recommendations from users. Weve had over 400 performers in the last year and half and a lot have come and gone due to software issues. We have changed software now at least 5 times.

Daugherty points out that the problems werent entirely due to the software. Like any human-resources dependent industry, live video chat sites need reliable chat hostesses.
They sign up and never work. This is the problem I had the past seven months. I hired a lot of girls I found 99% to be pretty lazy. Work fifteen minutes a week, then whining that they cant make money.

Daugherty was able to weather Streamitlives stormy course thanks to the companies hes established over the years. I started out in 1997 as an adult webmaster tired of buying content, so I decided to launch my own content site.

Daugherty felt the need to expand when more and more content creators started popping up out of nowhere. We launched adult hosting, design, and video production companies. Daughertys company created and hosted websites as well as providing pre-made webscripts. One day, Daugherty said, back in 2000 we created an adult content brokerage system, instead of listing all content by hand. This really took off. It is now used by top producers such as David Lace, Tom Mayes, CertifiedContent, ContentJunky, YoungFreshContent, as well as others.

Mark Prince, founder and CEO of 2Much.net, said, I kept my eye on Brent and Streamitlive partly because he was part of the competition, but also because hes good. His additions and format approaches on Streamitlive were very inventive. Im glad he turned to us. Hell be able to let his creative side loose, since our system takes care of most of the details. I cant wait to see what hes going to do with LiveCamNetwork 1.9.

Streamitlive.com already plans to combine LiveCamNetworks system with video content produced in their studios with their performers. Daugherty, who runs the business with wife Tara, said, Well stream non-nude video through the free chat channel, and nude and hardcore video through pay chat. Hes also planning to offer live pay-per-view shows with top adult models for a set price, but this will be in the future sometime.

Presently, the Daughertys are recruiting performers to chat from Streamitlives studios and look forward to starting over from a stable platform. Now things will settle down, we will rebuild our performer base and studio base and start looking towards tons of traffic and marketing.

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