Streamlining Internet Marketing

Written By: Marige O’Brien

With each new Internet Marketing (IM) Guru, there comes a minor
evolution in the field. While some only tweak an established rule,
others, like Stone Evans of Plug-In-Profits (PIPs), completely revolutionize the industry.

With PIPs, Stone Evans has created one of the most complete systems
in IM, allowing even ‘newbies’ to go into IM and earn a living
in a relatively short time. How does he do it?

His system is an all-in-one, do-it-yourself IM plan, including:

— A free site
— A list of reliable affiliates
— A Free ezine campaign
— A forum for up-to-the-minute news and professional exchange
— A practical course in the most current marketing techniques
— A practical cost factor

While there are some charges involved (start-up costs average
about $75, with maintenance of less than $25/month), these
are minor compared to the potential income. Most of all, these
costs allow even the most part-time person to have a potential
income in the industry.

Of course, more charges can be added. But, while these are
encouraged (sometimes strongly), they are not required. Such
extras include upgrading to a professional auto-responder,
buying leads and solo ads.

But information about all of these fee-based advertising products
are included along with ideas for free advertising. Because one
of the most valuable parts of this system is its “30 Days To Success”
portion, which reads like a primer for Internet Marketing itself.

“30 Days To Success” explains each portion of internet marketing
and includes many valuable links to follow up each portion of
the instructions. Strictly followed, this ‘primer’ will
virtually launch a successful IM career on its own.

And, because Stone Evans knows how fluid the IM world is, he is
constantly updating and revising the whole PIPs system. In fact,
he has recently created a completely revised edition of
“30 Days…” which even seasoned PIPs marketers are anxious to

Other IM Gurus may try to replicate what Stone has done. In
fact, it’s inevitable others will eventually find some new way to
streamline the process even more. But for now few (if any)
systems are as complete and offer as much for those interested
in starting-up an online business.–mo

About the Author

Marige O’Brien has worked as a writer, web designer and, most recently, internet marketer. Her own website can be found at www.trackermo.com

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