Submission scams

Written By: Clare Lawrence

Submission scams
By Clare Lawrence 19th August 2004

Submit your site to 1,000,000 search engines and directories for $19.99. Sounds too good to be true. Well it is! 90% of submissions sites are a waste of money.

Its a common fallacy that you need to submit your site to search engines on a regular basis.

Once your site is part of an index such as Google there is no need to re-submit.

If only part of your site is listed, then check your navigation structure and consider adding a sitemap.

The best way to get listed by the search engines, and the method likely to get the best results is not to submit to at all!

Instead add links to your sites from web pages already in the leading directories.

You can do this several ways:-

1) By exchanging links with web master.
2) Posting in forums.
3) Submitting to directories

If your intent on submitting to directories, then some that are valuable are: –

DM0Z (free)
Yahoo (paid, unless your site is not for profit)
Business.com (paid)
Allthebizz.com (free)
Smallerbizz.com (free)
Gimpsy (paid)
Joeant (paid)
MSNsmallbusiness (paid)
Wowdirectory (paid)

Manual submissions are required for the above.

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