Switchisp Launches a New Age of Internet Service Providers That Pay You !

Written By: Jay Benson

Los Angeles, CA–Time Warner was doing just fine until they entered into a contract with AOL. Now as AOL subscribers flee to lower- priced, high-quality ISPs, the end of an era is at hand.

With the downturn of AOL and resignation of AOL chairman Steve Case comes a new age of superior ISPs, offering not only amenities like multiple POP email accounts, instant messaging and accelerated optimized web-surfing, but also a chance for subscribers to make significant commissions as distributors.

With over 10,000,000 hits per month and more than 200 people in the sign-up area each hour, Switchisp is the front-runner in the race to snap up AOLs disenchanted subscribers.

Switchisp is the Internet Service Provider that is also a genius Direct Marketing business opportunity, offering the chance for active distributors to earn six figure incomes with an innovative brand new pay system called the SuperLine.

The beauty of Switchisp is in its timing. This ISP / business opportunity entered the game with 90 million pre-qualified customers just in the US alone and a product that is in high demand worldwide. In order for a business opportunity to succeed, it must sell a product that is in demand and offers longevity demand to create an ongoing stream of income. Its safe to say that the Internet is not going anywhere, and people are always searching for the best deal on their ISP. Switchisps low prices and quality service make this company one that will be here for the long haul.

Switchisp is now an international business opportunity for all people on the entire planet, including the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the entire European Union.

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