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Written By: Zorb

So you wanna be an adult webmaster… It’s not difficult these days. More and more of your necessary resources are free and simple to use. The following posts will guide you through the steps to get you up and running in minimum time. The basic steps (not necessarily in a fixed order) are:

Choose a theme – i.e. Teens, Beautiful Babes, Video, Lesbain Anal Hardcore etc…

*Choose a hosting solution – blog (more on this later), paid ISP, free hosting…

*Choose image providers – paid for content, free content, etc

*Start posting

*Submit site to Seacrh Engines and Directories.

*Keep posting

And that’s about it. Obviously one can spend time and/or money on designing and advertising their site(s). This is never a bad thing to do but it costs. This blog will focus on building an entirely free adult site which can make money. It takes some time to set-up and maintain but with a bit of effort – much of which is spent looking at lovely naked ladies – or guys if that’s your thing – doing fun stuff AND you can tell anyone rude enough to bug you that you’re working – you can make significant amounts of money. It could be worse.

Let’s begin…

Blogging has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. And for very good reason. You will probably have noticed that this is a blog. It is a format that I find ideal for personal publishing and for adult web serving.

There are a growing number of free blog hosts – like this one, Blogger. Obviously I like this one, I can easily publish posts, I can edit them in HTML, I can add images, and one of the niftyest things – I can run and manage multiple blogs very easily.

Of course one can still find free web hosting sites and take the time to create thumbnails, link to big pictures and link to galleries… And then do it all over again the next day – but why? Blogging is simple, it’s made to be updated regularly, and surfers like it. Most of you have already seen adult blogs and perhaps not been aware of them – like ZorBabes or AmsterdamCamGirls. For the rest of this blog “tutorial” I will assume you have selected one of the blog publishing choices I lsited or one you found elsewhere. Check out these to start with or do a Google search.

SEO Blog



To be continued…

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The author has been dabbling in web porn & erotic art (and wondering what the difference is) for about 10 years. It is primarily way for him to experiment with more traditional web marketing and SEO techniques in a highly competitive field while enjoying lovely naked ladies at the same time. Nirvana.

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