The Benefits Of Audio Conferencing

Written By: Steve Valentino

Audio conferencing is a way for two, three, or more people to talk to each other across infinite distances. Oftentimes, along with audio interchange, audio conferencing involves photo or video conferencing, so that people can see each other moving and talking. Furthermore, audio conferencing can also utilize personal computers to allow users to work on the same document or other software application at the same time. Whatever on one users screen will also show up on all of the other screens in the conference. With the use of a digital whiteboard and a special pen, users can even draw pictures and diagrams for each other to demonstrate visual ideas.

Audio conferencing uses one of two main types of oral communication tools: a regular telephone or a computer telephone. With regular telephones, each user dials in and everyone can hear each other on the line. With computer telephones, special software called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is installed in the computer. The user dons a microphone-and-earphone headset that is plugged into the computers USB port. The users voice is carried along the Internet to the other users, and vice-versa, just as if it were a conventional telephone (but costing a fraction of the usual long-distance charges.)

Audio conferencing is not just for large corporations; almost any kind of group can benefit from it. City councils, fire departments, and transit authorities have been known to engage in audio conferencing. NASA uses audio conferencing to stay in touch with hundreds of scientists for such sensitive projects as remote exploration of Mars.

The benefits of audio conferencing are numerous. First and foremost, audio conferencing can lower transportation costs. Commuters spent $60 billion dollars on gas driving to business meetings and other work-related appointments in 2003.

Secondly, with audio conferencing, a meeting can be set up in only a few minutes. In the real world, planning can sometimes take months!

Most importantly, audio conferencing promotes frequent and effective communication. And with todays constantly evolving technologies, audio conferencing is becoming more and more customizable.

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