The Best Day Ever to Design a Database Structure

Written By: Vladimira Sikorova

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of designing a new database structure? Do you have to redevelop an existing database?

The truth is that creating or developing a database structure requires at least basic knowledge of SQL scripts. If you have to design a very complicated database structure with a lot of tables (entities), plenty of information (attributes) and complicated relationships among them, it’ s very uneasy… Overall, whatever you have to do with databases, it has always been difficult, time-demanding and expensive.

Computer aided software engineering (CASE) is a technique that using some of its tools enables you to create softwares more easily. CASE tools assist software engineering managers and practicioners in every activity associated with the software process, e. g. in systematic analysis, design, coding, implementation, testing work, maintenance etc. Using CASE tools, the architecture and design of the software become more apparent and easier to understand and modify.

Charonware, s. r. o., a software company based in the Czech Republic, specializes in designing high-quality database modeling CASE tools. Its flagship product CASE Studio 2 new version 2.18 has just been released.

CASE Studio 2 helps companies create or redevelop their database structures easily, quickly and at a very reasonable price in comparison to other similar competitive products, says Vaclav Frolik, Charonware’s Sales and Marketing Manager.
In other words, instead of many hours spent on writing SQL scripts, CASE Studio 2 allows you to draw large Entity relationship diagrams and generate SQL scripts automatically, even for various databases (and at a reasonable price). Other powerful CS2 features are: reverse engineering, generation of HTML and RTF documentation, data flow diagrams, export into XML format and many more.

CASE Studio 2 is a highly customizable CASE tool that respects individual requirements of each customer. It supports more than twenty databases and is being used in more than sixty countries, adds Vaclav Frolik.

Key enhancements of the CS 2 new version 2.18 are:
Full support for PostgreSQL 8.0, Sybase Anywhere 9 and MySQL 4.1, a new HTML report and new graphics of relationship lines.

The new version 2.18 includes more than 80 significant improvements, however, we expect that CS 2 users will mainly appreciate the possibility to move relationship lines and add break points, says Vaclav Frolik. With this feature, Charonware wanted to respond to its customers’ needs.

To get practical insight on how to work with CASE Studio 2 and its newly added features, Charonware offers very helpful instructional movies on its website. Other useful documentation like the CS2 White Paper and manual are also available.

Finally, to consider whether CASE Studio 2 meets customer’s requirements and runs without any problems, it is possible to test the CS2 demo version. Charonware provides time-unlimited, free demo version and at the same time free email support.

Charonware provides highly professional and customizable, smoothly integrated database modeling and reporting tool at unmatched price. Our aim is to make software products that would be beneficial for database designers, developers and all who want to accomplish all their database-related tasks with greater productivity and higher quality, concludes Vaclav Frolik.

Well, it seems like it’s a piece of cake to develop a database structure with CASE Studio 2!?
I would give it a try.

About the Author

Vladimira Sikorova is a member of CASE Studio 2 Team. She works in the Marketing Department of CHaronware, s.r.o., a software company specializing in developing database modeling tools.

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