The Brilliance Of CD-R

Written By: Mike Waters

Last weekend I was in Atlanta with my wife promoting her latest fitness book. It was a fantastic event. We made some really great connections and my wife sold a lot of books. People flocked in from all over the region with their accolades, questions, and concerns. My wife was there in person to answer them all.

Although she loved the exposure, more people actually came out to support my wife than either of us had anticipated. As a result, during her first full session of promotion she completely ran out of business cards. But being the technically savvy guy that I am, I immediately pulled out my laptop and burned off several more CD-R business cards to get us through the rest of the event.

CD-R duplication is priceless. Writers, self-employed entrepreneurs, musicians, small businesses, hobbyists, and even Fortune 500 companies all benefit from the brilliance of CD-R technology. Not only are they a convenient time saver, but CD-Rs are remarkably affordable while providing many services.

CD-Rs are used to store files and important security documentation. They are used in the computer field to conveniently backup software and pertinent data on disc. Musicians use CD-R duplication as an affordable marketing and promotion tool to get their music out to the masses. The corporate world uses CD-Rs as a cost-effective way of mass producing training videos and as an aide in converting to the ideal paperless office. Of course, my wife uses CD-Rs smaller than a credit card as a remarkably memorable business card.

Can’t you see the benefit of CD-R duplication? It is affordable, convenient, easy to use, and beneficial to all no matter what type of business or hobby you are in. CD-Rs work perfectly while remaining inexpensive. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we really want? Purchase your CD-Rs today!
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Mike Waters is owner of Waters Rock music studio and the senior technology columnist for Media-Tech Entertainment and You. Be sure to check out more about his music cd duplication services and data cd duplication at http://www.data-cd-duplication.com

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