The Canvas for the Perfect Printing Masterpiece

Written By: Paul Hood

Making the right choice of media for printing is a must if you want to have a great output. Having a good working knowledge of the best materials to use for your printing needs will spell the success of your project. On the other side of the coin, lack of know-how is likely to cause disaster. Fortunately for printing dummies, there are guides out there aimed at making the printing process and all the things in between a walk in the park. Amateurs and professionals may benefit for this as well.

A certain guide book released by a Montreal-based paper manufacturer Domtar called Answer Packs answered the call for a comprehensive reference that will enlighten people and give them a better understanding of the print process. The book has been well received as predictably it will. Many people are very eager to learn and providing them with the needed knowledge is a must.

Quoting Jack Rosenberger from his article:

“The Answer Packs have been very well received in the marketplace because they’re simple and helpful,” says Huguette Chainey, Domtar’s advertising and promotions manager. On Color, for example, demonstrates how to design with different color paper; provides examples of printing with halftones, duotones, and tritones on color paper; and explains how to design with color inks on color paper. Like On Texture, each of the instructional cards in On Color contains detailed information about each card’s paper stock, inks, and printing techniques.

The presentation is very easy to understand and covers a wide range of topics that need to be understood in order to have a successful print job. Both resources are cleverly conceived, informative and entertaining, and timely. Cognizant of the current climate of budget pressure felt by designers and printers, Domtar focused on design techniques that are ideal for projects with a limited budget. Moreover, Domtar is publishing additional guides, with the aim of producing a reference series of handy Answer Packs.

Almost all aspect involved in the printing process have been covered including the financial and that in itself is a very good addition to the selection.

This article was created for the sole purpose of propagating information that may be related to brochures printing and other industries to which it may be of interest.

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