“The Changing Internet Community”

Written By: A.T.Rendon

According to Nielsen//NetRatings, http://www.eratings.com/products/,
more people than ever before are now accessing and using the Internet.

In January of this year, over 163 million Americans had Internet access,
which is up almost 40 million from January 2000. That is a significant
33 percent rise just in American Internet users.

The average age of Internet surfers, reports ZDNet, http://www.zdnet.com/
is 38 years, and rising. The baby-boomers are coming on strong.

The average level of education shows that 39 percent hold a college
degree, yet overall, this number is actually falling.

Can you guess which is the fastest-growing segment of Web newbies?

It is Americans over 55 years old with working-class incomes and
middle-class ideals that are the fasting growing segment of newbies.

The face of the ‘Internet Community’ has changed.

About five years ago, the average Internet surfer was a white
male, college educated and earning $50,000 plus a year.

Just this past month, women surpassed men as the major
Internet surfer for the first time in history.

What does all this mean for online business people?

First, anyone wanting to do business online should
refine their target market.

Who is your customer?

When you can effectively answer this question, you have
won the battle for online dollars and you are well on your
way to winning the war.

Second, refine the needs that you will fulfill by tapping
into your target market.

If you know how to address the needs of your market,
it will point the way on how to attract them to your offer(s).

And, finally, Third, the more people that do come online,
the greater potential for you to succeed.

Of just the American Internet users, numbering 163
million, how many would you guess are interesting in
doing some sort of business online?

If you are to be a success at doing business online, then it
is essential that you keep abreast of the latest changes.

The Internet is the most awesome communications medium
to which people are exposed on a global scale. And it is still
too soon to say it is going to be such and such or so and so.

The Internet is in a state of constant change.

Be ready to adapt.

About the Author

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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