The Coolest Guy On The Planet

Written By: John Taylor

If you are “The Coolest Guy On The Planet” how would you go about proving it?

Well the obvious answer would be to organise a vote; and how better to organise a vote than to go for a number one position for the search term: “The Coolest Guy On The Planet” on some of the top search engines.

Well this is where it gets interesting… because there are a few people involved in a challenge to get that coveted number one position for that very search term.

So, it occurred to me that I might be able to demonstrate how writing and submitting an article can help you to gain lots of back links. And, I’m sure that you will appreciate that all those back links will build your link popularity and that will, over time, help your search engine ranking.

Well I may not be The Coolest Guy On The Planet, but I do know someone who is taking part in the “The Coolest Guy On The Planet” challenge and this is my small way of boosting his link popularity and showing how article distribution can have a significant impact on your Search Engine Ranking.

Why don’t you go to Andy Henry’s blog: http://the-coolest-guy-on-the-planet.blogspot.com/ and decide for yourself if you think he is “The Coolest Guy On The Planet”?

You might also like to do a search on Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves and MSN to see who is currently winning “The Coolest Guy On The Planet” challenge!

Copyright John Taylor PhD August 2005 – All rights reserved.

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