The Dilemma of Most Newbie Internet Marketers

Written By: VMT Singuillo

With the tremendous growth of e-commerce worldwide, many people have also started to put up websites in order to have their own online businesses. Most of them even ventured into a new world hoping to earn millions of dollars in the soonest possible time.

Without the necessary know-how, many of them have even fallen victims to fraud and scams. Without the necessary internet marketing skills, they will surely be a failure.

While it is true that the internet has a great potential to achieve much wealth, many new internet marketers have failed for some reasons. Their failure could lead them to discouragement and to negatively believe that doing business in the internet is never achievable.

Some internet businesses have made newbies to believe that by having a website alone is enough to earn millions. Worse, others are trying to convince some people that even by not having a website, you can generate substantial income through the internet – where is the logic in this? Certainly this is a big lie.

The truth is: Having a website is just the beginning of your online business adventure. A website needs a marketing program so people around the world would know of its presence online. Your website is just like your home address – your home address needs to be listed in an address book so other people would know where you live. You need to tell others your address so they too will know where to find you.

There are also people who have already bought website making softwares or website packages because of much excitement of having an online business – yet they still don’t know what product to sell online. These people don’t even know what products are in great demand, which products are profitable, nor do they know where to contact possible suppliers. What happens then? Spending their money for nothing by not utilizing their website!

Hint: If you are not sure what to sell online, try to promote the products of other websites through your site. Even though you don’t have a physical product or service, you can earn an extra income if you are able to generate a sale for that company through your website – this is called affiliate marketing. An example of a site that has an affiliate marketing program is www.grandfatherclock.biz. Again, you need to promote your site!

There is a another group of people who are internet failures. These are the people who attend internet marketing seminars or who have purchased internet marketing strategy programs but they don’t apply what they have learned in these seminars. These are the kind of people who think that they have better alternatives than their mentors or the seminar lecturers.

When this group of people fail, they start blaming their mentors. Worse yet, they could start accusing the seminars and programs for fraud. It should be noted that there are marketing tricks that you should apply to generate sales through your site.

Lastly, because of the presence of fraud and scams all around us, it is hard for newbies to believe who is telling the truth and who is telling a lie. It is often hard to determine which facts to believe in or not. The solution? Do your homework! Make a thorough research of the program you plan to take before making a commitment.

So, are you planning to have an online business? Just try your best that you won’t be counted among the statistics of failures.

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