The Dreaded Paper Label Should It Be Used?

Written By: Adam Platzer

While paper labeling CDs and DVDs may appear to be a cost effective solution for printing on your media, there are solid reasons why you should consider other options.

1) Hand application of paper labels can be time consuming and frustrating. If not applied properly your product may not have a professional appearance.

2) The label must be in perfect alignment when placed on the disc. When the label is not positioned correctly or if it has a wrinkle in it, the disc can become unbalanced, making it unplayable on some readers. As the CD/DVD spins, the unaligned label causes the media to shake and the laser has trouble reading the data off the disc.

3) Heat is generated while CD/DVD players are in use and can also be a problem. The adhesive backing on the label can react to this heat and could start to peel off the media. The can cause an imbalance of the media as well as interference with the disc drive itself.

What are the other options for labeling disc?

1) Screen Printing The process of applying UV inks in a variety of patterns and colors to the lacquer surface of a CD/DVD. Volumes of 500 pieces or larger are typically best suited for screen printing.

2) Thermal Printing The process of applying text and graphics to the surface of a CD/DVD by means of a wax-based ribbon. This type of printing is typically utilized on smaller run jobs (below 500) that do not require complete coverage of the medias surface.

Both screen printing and thermal printing will give your CDs/DVDs a professional look without risking damage to the media.

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