The Efffect of September 11th on Christmas Cards

Written By: Debby Sibert

The morning of September 11th, 2001, was sunny and warm, and it started out like other mornings which had come before it – people hurried to work, kids rushed off to school, and people boarded airplanes. But, September 11th, soon became the day that changed a nation and forced the world to recognize the threat of terrorism. It was a day when 2,986 lives were brutally ended, as the rest of America watched in helpless horror.

The effects of 9/11 have dramatically changed our country and our world; a casual trip to the airport is now a strictly regulated activity, aware citizens are now our first line of defense, and our nation’s borders have been tightly sealed.

On the fourth anniversary or this event, we are realizing that not only has this tragedy changed how our nation functions, but it has even trickled down to influence such things as a person’s selection of a Christmas greeting card. Design Crafters, has been selling Christmas and holiday greeting cards since 1996. Debby Sibert, the owner of that company said, “Before September 11th, no one seemed to offer patriotic holiday cards. Patriotism seemed a sentiment reserved for holidays like Memorial Day or Independence Day. All this changed in the aftermath of September 11th, and we began to receive calls from customers asking if we sold patriotic Christmas cards.”

The tragedy of 9/11 caused great pain, but it also birthed a new sense of unity to a nation filled with people of different origins and beliefs. People began to see that, like Christmas cheer, patriotism should be celebrated the whole year through. Other custom card companies soon began to receive inquiries about patriotic Christmas cards. Many in this business thought that this trend would end after one or two years, but September 2005 will mark the four year anniversary of the tragedy – and our Patriotic cards continue to be in popular demand.

Choosing a patriotic card does not mean that Christmas, as its own special holiday, is lessened. Card designers have created clever ways to show both one’s love of Christmas and one’s patriotism. Cards featuring ornaments decorated with the stars and stripes, a snowman proudly holding a flag, or a wintry wonderland overshadowed by a waving flag high on a pole, are all ways that this is accomplished. Many of these cards still feature traditional verses which speak of love, peace, and gratitude – but some have added language which lends more to a patriotic nature. Some examples of these verses are seen below:

At this holiday season we remember and honor those who are no longer with us and cherish those who are. We wish you a world of peace.

May Peace fill the hearts of people everywhere and join all nations of the world in brotherhood

May the Spirit of the Holidays remind you of the strength and perseverance of our nation and its people

These verses are only a highlight of the changes which have been seen in the Christmas card selections available since after 9/11. As our nation enters yet another Christmas season we are thankful for the blessings we have received, the great liberties we are privileged to, and, most especially, for the lives that have been sacrificed so that we may celebrate the holidays in peace and love. Visit www.DesignCrafters.com for an example of these patriotic Christmas cards and a wider range of holiday cards.
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