The firefox browser, will it work for you?

Written By: Garret Belisle

The firefox browser is fast becoming the browser of choice for online enthuisiasts for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons why :

1. Faster, Safer 2. Popup Blocking 3. Privacy and Security

It has over 64 million downloads already.

With the firefox browser you can surf several pages on one tab, you can actually set up your home page to have several webpages in it, unlike most browsers where you can only have one.

Not to mention the additional security and of course RSS syndicated feeds, commonly used by news and media sources, let you read the latest news headlines as they happen. Plus you will enjoy hassle free downloading as all files you download are automatically saved and managed to a single location on your computer, of your choice.

This browser is truly improving and speeding up any computer task you may have.

Go ahead and take a look at what else the firefox browser can do for you today.

About the Author

Garret Belisle is the c0-author of the Firefox: How to…” www.firefoxmentor.com

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