The five step program to getting quality traffic.

Written By: John Lafferty

1)After creating quality theme related content for your site getting inbound links is the most important activity a site owner should get up to. Quality links are not only highly regarded by search engines, visitors to your site will realize your efforts and consider you a pro in your field of choice.

2)Remember if you cant find your way around your site then neither will your visitors be able to. Create a site map so navigation becomes easy. Dont have to many links or advertisements. Banners were all the range a few years ago but these days there seen more as an annoyance. In short the look of your site should be clean and easy to follow.

3)When linking to a site or when a site is linking to you make sure the link is in words and not http://www.yoursite.com. To do this write the link as follows Your sites article. Your visitors will be more inclined to click on a text link than a address link. If you are part of a affiliate programme then this method of linking should be adopted to get visitors to your partners site.

4)Getting a top listing in a search engine for a highly searched keyword is obviously a very good way to get lots of quality traffic. Unfortunately its getting harder these days to get a top listing so the best way to get quality traffic is either to pay for it or link for it. There are many sites out there that get large amounts of quality traffic a day just through there links. This is a very important strategy and should be used even if you choose the buy option.

5)Buying traffic is a option open to anybody. Its not really that expensive and if you plan it out properly you could end up getting a lot of free traffic from it as well. Google adwords is probably the most famous. Also overture and a whole host of other pay per click search engines. Just remember to keep an eye on your spending and stick to your budget. Always be smart about your keyword choice and try to spend as little as possible on your pay per click campaigns. Use the free option with the pay option to maximize the return on your efforts.

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