“The Most Powerful Skills You Could Have as a Webmaster”

Written By: Raynay Valles

What are the most powerful skills you could have as a

HTML and website creation programs
Graphics programs

Those skills are great, but what many employers and clients
REALLY WANT goes unsaid. What they do not tell you is this:
They really want high-impact results. And you can get
high-impact results by honing high-impact skills.

High-impact skills are:
+designing to facilitate sales
+search engine optimization, submittal and tracking
+writing to sell
+knowing how to increase traffic that results in sales
+tracking the success of ad campaigns

Imagine taking a website from 0 to 100,000 people a month
through your search engine efforts. Or placing ads in
publications you recommended that resulted in thousands
in sales. Or revamping an old site in a way that causes
twice as many people to buy from your site.

You don’t have to have ALL the high-impact skills I listed.
Let’s say you’re good at search engine optimization and
every time you do it, huge traffic happens. This one
high-impact skill that brings high-impact results will
get the attention of your employer, prospective employers
or prospective clients.

Here’s the best part: you may already have had these results.
Maybe you haven’t been highlighting them on your resume or
performance review like you could have. Highlight them
and you’ll notice a difference in your life.

And if you don’t YET have these results, you can acquire
them on-the-job over the next few months. Then you’ll
have an edge on webmasters who believe that tech skills
are enough.

About the Author

Raynay Valles is a results-focused webmaster and author of
10 Minute Answers for High-Impact Webmasters, the amazing
resource high-impact webmasters use.

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