The need for I.T. support

Written By: David Fairhurst

How well do you know your I.T. setup? If your idea of I.T. support is Jimmy from accounts who did a diploma in computers after he finished school at 16, then your business really is in trouble!

So many businesses today rely on an outdated, unreliable and ‘clunky’ I.T. infrastructure…that’s if they have one at all. This is especially true of SME’s…..They have put all of their effort into building their business, perhaps gained a few employees, and now find it hard to spend any time to upgrade their I.T. setup. This is where the ‘Virtual I.T. department’ comes in. I.T. firms can offer to act as virtual I.T. departments for small and medium sized firms, releasing the worry and the hassle of having to train staff and acquire knowledge in order to do the job themselves.

With today’s technology, it’s quite easy to drastically improve the workplace, saving money and most importantly time ( a commodity we all wish we had a bit more of!). VOIP (Voice Over IP) for example can offer drastic savings over normal telephone costs, and works anywhere with a decent internet connection (thank God for Broadband!).

Firefly I.T. offer virtual I.T. support for businesses, with the focus on providing the most up-to-date and prudent advice for each individual business. We offer a free ‘needs analysis’ for businesses, where we will go to your business and look at the current infrastructure, assess any changes needed, and offer advice on upgrades or perhaps formulate a strategy for a complete overhaul of any ssytems in place, with the emphasis on providing benefits to the individual and the business.

Firefly I.T. can be contacted on: +44 (0) 1786 458144 and are based in Stirling, Scotland. See our website for details www.firefly-it.com
About the Author

David Fairhurst is a Partner of Firefly I.T., a Scottish (UK) based company specialising in online application design and Search Engine Optimisation. Firefly I.T. Have a proven track record in creating useable and fully valid websites that are not only functional but conform to all of the relevant legislation for website access.

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