The Niche Website Naming Secret

Written By: Josiah Mackenzie

Today I was optimizing a couple new websites for search engines. I went through my list of optimization techniques. Keywords in page title? Check. Keywords in page headings? Check. Keywords in page file name? Check. Keywords in offsite link anchor text? How could I accomplish that?

Since I usually dont control if or how a website links to me, I began thinking for a solution.

Part of Googles ranking algorithm includes analyzing the anchor text of links that point to your website. Anchor text is the text that comprises a hyperlink. If I placed a link from my website to eBays laptop auctions and used discount laptops on eBay as the link text – discount laptops on eBay would be the anchor text. Google takes the anchor text of a sites backlinks, and uses it to determine how that site ranks for a given keyword.

When you search for many well-known companies, they are at the top of the search results. Why is that? Part of the reason is because thousands of other websites have linked to them using the company name as anchor text. For example, if I wanted to link to eBay, the word eBay would most likely be the anchor text to my link.

Aside from that fact that you know eBay is an online auction site – why would you search for the term eBay? Most of startup companies do not have the name recognition advantage eBay has. It is doubtful that people will search for your company name.

Thats when an idea hit me.

Why not include one or two industry keywords in your company name? That way, every time a website links to you, they will automatically include those keywords in the anchor text. Even if they dont search for your company name, youll still receive the same effect.

Time for a real-life example of this. I am working to create a Hyundai Tiburon performance and accessories information website that makes money off affiliate sales. Instead of naming the website Tiburon World, I could name it Hyundai Tiburon Performance & Accessories, and use the domain hyundai-tiburon- performance- accessories.com.

By including keywords in the title of my new Tiburon website, every time a website links to me, important keywords – Hyundai Tiburon, performance, and accessories – will be automatically included in the anchor link text.

Of course, you may want to create a more memorable name if this company or website is going to be large and advertised offline, but small information sites and directories can achieve higher search engine position using this technique.

About the Author: Josiah Mackenzie is an entrepreneur, small business owner, and investor. He shares business advice and tips through his website, http://www.josiahmackenzie.com. Josiah’s latest projects include an RSS software directory (http://www.rss-software.net) and an RSS marketing information site (http://www.rss-marketing-information.com)

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