The Origin Of and Removal Procedures for Bargain Buddy Adware

Written By: Geoff Grace

Bargain buddy is a parasite adware thought to be created by a company named eXact advertising.

According to the Symantec site the files are detected as Adware.BargainBuddy and usually require manual installation.

But this is not always so.

Adware.BargainBuddy has been found inside of other programs that can install it automatically. The ads that pop up on your screen come from the following server http://adp.ikena.com/.

But when I visited this site to learn more about Bargain Buddy you simply see a blank webpage with a login box in the middle.

Your information is sent back to the creators of the adware who uses it to send you targeted marketing. You receive ads made just for you.

To remove this spyware simply open up the Add/Remove Programs application and delete all files labeled Adware.BargainBuddy.

After you have deleted the files you should run

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