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Once in a while, you meet someone who has
the gift of expressing herself. I met that
someone in Clarissa ‘kiki’ Frampton.

Kiki is more than just an expressive person.
She publishes her own e-zine called Start-Smartz
E-zine. She’s also a successful business person,
as well as, one of the most open, generous
people you’ll have the opportunity to meet.

She knows what it takes to make a business
successful online AND offline.

I got the chance to communciate with Kiki
through a series of emails and put together
this interesting ‘conversation’.
With her blessing, of course.

Her contact information precedes the interview.

Clarissa ‘kiki’ Frampton
“YOUR” success IS my business!
ICQ 115517255

Thanks for taking the time to share your philosophy
about the Internet and how it affects us.

I will be a ‘Ramblin Rose’ only because I like to
talk to anyone who will listen to me..;)

lol That’s good news for us. When did you start
your journey on the Internet?

I have been on and off the Internet since 1995. I
have learned alot..this is just a learning process.

That’s the truth. Why do think the Internet is
so addicting?

Because it is learning, something different and
exciting and challenging every single day. Where
else can you get this much interaction with as
many different people? Nowhere!
This is the age of information. We can’t seem to
get enough and when our brains go on ‘overload’
we crave more.

Ron: Yes. We do seem obsessed with the Internet.
Why do you think that is?

Another name for our obsession here is “give me” or
“gimme”….we are like kids in a candy store.
“I want”..”gimme.” The Internet is our playground..
Our ‘candy store.’
We see opportunities and wealth in abundance…and
we want it ALL!
Children normally have adults with them in the candy
store telling them “No..you can’t have that.”
So we were deprived as children from all that candy..
and now we are going to indulge ourselves..;)

What a true analogy. What is your philosophy in regard
to your own e-zine, Start-Smartz?

My philosophy is…give it to them. That’s it. One
simple word to remember..GIVE.
Of course, you must do it honestly and from the heart.
You need to enjoy giving and helping people.

My e-zine, Start-Smartz began in May 2000. I just
celebrated my One Year Anniversary and it has been
quite a year. My goals and ideals have changed many
times over this last year. What started out as an
avenue to get a list to mail my opportunities to,
ended up being a full time job! I spend and average
of 25-30 hours a week on SS. But I enjoy it.

You obviously have some views on the ‘rise of e-zines’
and their popularity. What do you think about them
and this information overload you mentioned?

That is why e-zines are so popular..information.
The more information you pack into your e-zine the
better it is.

Who is your target market? The information junkie.

Terri Seymour has a great e-zine..she packs hers
with information for everyone. There’s entrepreneurial
stuff, but also humor, fun sites, sometimes kids
stuff..something for everyone! Great read for a

I agree with you. Terri’s e-zine, Web Success Ezine,
is great. It’s jam packed with “stuff.”
Now, I say this because I believe it. You truly do
seem to want to help people out. That’s what drew me
to you.
What would you say was that turning point for you
in what has become your Internet philosophy?

A saying I read once was the turning point for me..
the light bulb went off. Of course for me it took a
few days to sink in….;)
I’ll try to recapture it for you..perhaps you’ve seen
the saying or will be able to “get” what is it’s essence.

“Take someone to the other side of the river and you
will get there yourself.”

How did that change you?

Simplicity. But many don’t get it because they are
so caught up in “me” that it goes above their
heads…I was like that..so hell bent on making my
riches I didn’t see the other guy!

Now, and for the last 9 months I have concentrated on
“the other person” and guess what…
*I* am succeeding!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…I am
finally able to relax and enjoy the Internet and
it’s abundance!

You must have run into some people on line who have
helped you turn your thinking around.
Who might that have been?

There are many people online willing to help others.
Before I started my e-zine I met Cathy Bryant of
Homebizjunction. Even though she was extremely
busy with her own e-zine and work..at that time she
even had a full time job outside her home.
But Cathy took time to give me tips and guide me.
That impressed me.

Dave Reno of Netriches is my all-time mentor..when
Dave says I’ve got a good opportunity for you..I
go for it. Dave has never steered me wrong.

Since then I have met many people who are real, honest
people willing to help others out. Most are e-zine
owners like yourself, Terri Seymour, Dave Main, Dave
Cole just to mention a few.

You have said in an article you wrote..there is help
out here for those who need it and want it. We are
very obvious in our respective e-zines by offering
various free methods…people just need to take
advantage of them. Although, you can lead a horse
to water but you can’t make him drink!

That’s what Zig Ziglar has been saying for years:
“Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get
what you want.”

It’s people like Zig Ziglar and others who have made
their living “teaching” the MLM concept. You either
get it or you don’t. You either succeed or you don’t.

I teach time and patience…we “want” to believe
the hype..that we can become rich overnight..but
it just won’t work.

Spend your time scamming people and you might make
a buck here and there, but spend your time learning,
reading and planning for success and you may not
make a fortune *now* but you will have a successful
business that will last a lifetime.
Your decision..;)

What do you see in the future for cyber businesses?
Especially with the way our economy is going right

I’m a down home, small town, Texas gal..I do not
keep up with economy, government, Wall Street…or
any of that stuff. I don’t know what I could say
about the future of cyber business. The dot coms
have been dropping like flies and that has the stock
market in a tizzy..I do know that much.

This new generation is very techie minded not business
minded…they need to merge with Corporate America and
work with them not against them.

This has been great communicating with you. I love
your ‘ramblings’. Do you have any final thoughts
to leave us with?

On the news, we see people conducting experiments of
isolating themselves in houses with nothing in them
and seeing if they can live for a certain amount of
time just off the Internet…like *why*?

This is *not* healthy! I teach as part of a schedule
you need to have *balance* in your life. You can’t
stay on the Internet 24/7 and still be productive!
This is addicting and I am probably the worst one to
preach this…but you need to get offline and interact
with other people.
Get out of the house..exercise…move…be…
do something else!

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