The Paperless Office: Is It A Myth Or A Reality?

Written By: Will Mathison

One of the commonest complaints most offices and business owners have is that they are practically buried in paper. And despite all the good qualities and aesthetic values that paper has, no one really wants the additional glut and clutter it offers. This led to the concept of the paperless office.

Office of the Future

The paperless office is a vision where secure and speedy access to information without compromising its reliability is a concrete fact. Based on the idea of the futuristic office where paper is practically nonexistent, the paperless office is supposed to reduce the costs spent on paper and storage space. But just how true is the notion of a paperless office?

The paperless office became popular with the introduction of the personal computer some twenty years ago. And though there were talks of it being a tool to virtually purge the use of paper, market analysts found that paper use continues to increase annually by no less than 6 to 7 percent.

The paperless office is certainly a well-intentioned but idealistic vision. With the cost of hard copies going from 1 to 3 percent of a companys revenue and overall productivity sinking under the flood of paperwork, the paperless office is nowhere close to becoming a reality.

The Next Best Thing

The closest thing we can have to a paperless office though is by combining all the best qualities of hard copies with those of electronic documents. This approach can significantly reduce, though certainly not eliminate, our dependence on paper in order to achieve the nearest thing we can have to a paperless office.

Electronic documents come in several file formats but one of the most commonly used formats is the PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF combines the best of both the print and electronic worlds. In its compact and compressed form, it is the ideal format to use in document exchange and distribution in all kinds of electronic media, a significant aspect of the paperless office.

True to the vision of a paperless office, PDF is a secure, reliable, and quick way to send, receive, and access data over the Internet and around the world. In this aspect, PDF is certainly the closest thing we have to a paperless office.

No one can ever expect a completely paperless office. Right now, wishing for a paperless office is not only unrealistic but foolhardy as well. But what we can expect however is to have less paper to deal with in this present world.

In the end, it is good document management that would lead us someday to making the paperless office not just a myth but a reality.

About the Author: Will Mathison is a freelance writer who writes articles for http://www.pdfconverter.com

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