The question of spy-ware and junk on the internet

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Think your system is infected by a sick spyware that makes it load unwanted pages; that gives you a message ‘your system is infected by spyware – download anti spyware now’?? Please dont press the download button!! Read on………

The spyware nuisance

Spywares are unwanted programs that lodge themselves into the computer aiding in secret broadcast of information about a users internet usage. They can even take over browsers and load unwanted pages causing the computer to slow down in a major way. Spywares can load unwanted pages to bookmarks and load pop-ups that say your system is infected with spyware, download anti-spyware now!! Hitting the download button or sometimes even closing the pop-up could bring into the computer other malicious spyware programs that can render some computer programs inaccessible.

The worst part is that spywares can even be programmed to transmit personal information including passwords and credit card information making them a real threat.

As new spyware programs are developed by the minute, anti Spywares and anti adware softwares do no good to remove them. They have the ability to remove only the secondary files while the primary files still remain. As these are not viuses the use of anti-virus software will also prove vain.

Precautions to protect your computer against spyware

1.) Do not allow your browser to download unsigned active scripts. (You can disable active scripts using internet tools or preferences of your browser; disable your active X controls using IE tools internet options security custom level.)

2.) Make sure to install a good anti-spyware software like ad-aware

3.) Do not download any software that you are not sure of. Even some anti-spywares can be malicios. Read the licensing agreements and download only from reliable sources

4.) Never open mail attachments that you are not sure of

5.) In case you encounter a site that gives out pop ups like ‘spyware detected’ or ‘download anti-spyware’ or any other suspicious messages, do not click the download/cancel button. Instead use alt+f4 or Ctrl+w to close the pop up.

6.) Download and install google or yahoo! toolbars that can help you effectively block pop ups.

7.) Download all the latest security upgrades that are available from microsoft.com.

8.) Install ‘Zone Alarm’ or other good firewall that does not allow unidentified programs to transmit information.

Internet becoming a dumping ground?

Recently the numbers of sick websites that are filled with junk and very destructive content have increased over the internet. I don’t why people do it, but they do it. Sadists are just a reality as any other normal person. They love to see people in pain and fear. They would go to any extent to promote themselves or harass others. But in their little game they tend to forget that they are playing with people’s minds and their hard earned money and making them waste their time in useless activities.

The need for regulation

The internet is becoming a dangerous place and if not regulated can lead to serious disasters. Things are developing too fast for men to cope with. In-fact the internet has developed at a speed faster than imaginable and hence there is lack of any order/rules and regulations. This is high time that we do something to protect the internet from damaging our personal property and privacy. This is a very serious problem and we need to think on this together. All nations should come together to solve this crisis, instead of ignoring it.

Search engines, hosting companies and internet service providers have a huge responsibility towards eliminating this crime that is going on unabated on the internet. They should work together to eliminate this problem for good and save the internet from becoming a hackers paradise and a dumping ground of junk.

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