The Realistic Masterpieces of Mr. Slade

Written By: Maricon Williams

Digital painting is really hype nowadays. Digital painters are also rampant. Their works are exhibited everywhere we surf. But one name rose among others. This guy is really great when it comes to this fascinating craft. His works are realistic, you wont entertain any hunch at the back of your head that the output was just hand painted and transmitted in the computer.

James Gregory Artis aka James G. Slade was born on February 11, 1966 in Nashville, Tennessee. He discovered his love for art when he was nine years old. It was a long cold winter when his father had given him some paint. All throughout that winter, he spent his time drawing different subjects. After that he began designing ads and signs for their tent revivals. From there he got his first computer in the 80s. He then designs newsletters and ads through the computer.

In June 2000, his knee swelled. After two surgeries, doctors could not find out why it was swelling and then his left knee went. Three years after, he was diagnosed to have Osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease. Pain was excruciating when he walks so most of his day was spent in his recliner. That is the time when he spent all of his time on the computer desk that reaches over his recliner. In the winter of 2000 he became disabled.

A year after he became disabled he learned web design and html coding along with building his own computer. He also started with his own Web Design company. He designed a website for his local Chamber of Commerce. While designing websites, he began looking for graphics to use on the websites but he found nothing. What he found was PSP (Paint Shop Pro), a graphic program, with it he made his own graphics. From there James began Painting. He stopped for a few months due to health but now hes back and continues his legacy in digital painting. If you want samples of his wonderful works, they are exhibited at http://www.jamesgslade.com/paintings/paintings.htm.

James work range from portraits, breath taking landscape, intriguing still life and other hand painted masterpieces. This guy is really an epitome of stimulating courage and perseverance. Never a pessimist. He always looks at the brighter side of life that is why his talent soars.

If you want more of this inspiring guy by the name of James, you can email him at escaslade@jamesgslade.com.

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