“To Charge-Or Not To Charge-Should Be No Question!”

Written By: John Evans

“To Charge-Or Not To Charge-Should Be No Question!”
copyright 2002 John Evans

An ezine came in a while back, and someone had
complained about a particular ezine (doesn’t matter
which one). The publisher of the ezine in question had
recently stated that they would no longer be giving
FREE ads; we would now have to start paying for them.

The complainer said something to this effect, “These
ezine publishers just sucker us in with free ads, until
they get lots of subscribers, then they want to start
charging us for the ads.”

The above is not an exact quote, but you get the meaning!

Well, stop and think about it. Most of us on the Internet
ARE on the Internet to MAKE MONEY! (Mind, I said MOST).
Pure and simple. And that includes Ezine Publishers.
And why not? They don’t put their hearts and souls, and
MANY hours of sweat, into putting out an ezine purely so
WE can have our ads published for FREE! Do they?

What are those free ads all of us have been receiving
all these many months? BONUSES! You’ve been given bonuses
before, haven’t you? Maybe a free ebook for joining, or
some free software for “taking a look”, or maybe even a
gift certificate for something.

But the problem with those kinds of bonuses is that they
are just “one-shots”. You only get it one time.

Now, how many ezines do you subscribe to that give you
free ads? Ten? Twenty? Or maybe even Thirty? That’s a
lot of ads; and ALL FOR FREE! A lot of bonuses. Count
your lucky stars that there are publishers out there
who are working their tails off, so many of us can
survive using their free ads.

So, maybe some do get a good subscriber list, and start
charging for ads; What Do You Think They’ve Been Working
For all this time? Striving perhaps, to make a living on
the Internet! Just like the rest of us!

Think about it!
copyright2002 BJ Evans
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