Understanding Telemetry

Written By: Leon Chaddock

Will telemetry work for your industry? This is an amazing way of measuring. You will find that it is used commonly as a means of measuring things at a distance. Normally, it is used by scientists and engineers who need to measure things that are nowhere near them. The uses of telemetry are varied and many. But, you can see its use everyday.

For example, many scientists use it to measure the weather conditions. By sending weather balloons high into the air, they can measure things like what the air temperature is up there as well as the pressure and even humidity of that air. These temperatures are significantly different than those that are closer to the air’s surface and yet there seems to be no way to accurately measure them. Telemetry is used because of its accuracy and simplicity to use.

But, how does telemetry work? It works by being equipped with the right instruments for the job. In this example, the telemetry instruments would be such things as an accurate temperature measuring tool such as a thermometer, a transmitter that will send back the information to the ground and on the ground you will find the receiving station to gather and track the information.

Telemetry works in many fields and in many cases where travel to the locations is much too difficult, costly or too dangerous. Another example of telemetry is space. On various shuttles and spacecraft, there are telemetry instruments traveling as well. These you will find doing all sorts of things from measuring the physical conditions of the astronauts as well as conditions in space that are needed to be monitored. For example, telemetry is used to monitor the blood pressure of humans as they travel into space. This can be quite remarkable that all the way home we can know what is happening in a world away. Telemetry is a helpful tool in making that happen.
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