“Using Eudora 5.0? Make Your Toolbar ‘Stay’!”

Written By: John Evans

“Using Eudora 5.0? Make Your Toolbar ‘Stay’!”
copyright 2001-02 John Evans

Eudora version 4.1 was my choice for an email client,
and I had used it for quite some time. I had tried
others, but Eudora filled the bill for my needs.

But one thing that annoyed me was the fact that
one toolbar (the one with the little icons for “in”,
“out”, “check mail”, “address book”, etc.) was always
clear over to the left of the screen. For the sake of
convenience, I wanted it over in the middle. Well, I
finally discovered that I could ‘drag’ it to where I
wanted it, and it would stay right there, always.
Which is the whole point of this article ip.

After upgrading to version 5.0, I found that the toolbar
would NOT stay where I put it. I’ll bet many of you may
have run across this, also.

Could find nothing in the manual, so I emailed Qualcomm.
They offered a ‘fix’, which didn’t work. Another email,
and another ‘fix. After about 4 of these, they finally
came up with a solution. If you have trouble making the
toolbar stay where you want it, try this:

Go to ToolsOptionsDisplay. One of the radio buttons is
marked “Show cool bars.” (What cool bars are, I have no
idea.) Uncheck the radio button. Now, your toolbar should
stay where you want it. Hope this helps someone.

copyright2000-01 BJ Evans
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