Weblinkhosting.com set to give out 19″ DELL Monitors.

Written By: Tony Tebano

The internet web hosting company Weblinkhosting.com has started giving out 19 inch dell monitors to its signups. It seems that from all the signups in a given week they put them in a hat and then select 1 and sends that individual a 19″ DELL monitor.

This promotion has come right after their purchase of a new San Diego datacenter where they are storing dedicated and shared web hosting servers. The offer of the 19″ DELL monitor will be expiring by the end of the summer. So you can expect this to end in about the end of September.

So far, there have been about 9 Winners who are posted on their website. The conditions include that you must sign up for a 1 – 2 year web hosting package and you must keep th web hosting plan for more than 6 Months. If you win the Monitor and decide to cancel your account and they ship you the product by agreeing to their terms of service they have the right to only refund you 50% of the prepaid years or 2 years cost.

You cannot select a type of color or a different size. All the monitors that are shipped out are black LCD monitors. They come in the only size of 19″. The only manufacturer is DELL. If you win you also can decide to not receive the monitor but instead receive your web hosting account for free for a year if you would like. That would give you an entire year of web hosting for free in exchange for the DELL monitor.

The reason for the giveaway is mostly due to promotional reasons and to get the word out about Weblinkhosting.com. This come right after giving dedicated, shared and web designs free to some of their customers.

Many web hosting companies are giving out promotional items to selected customers. Some of which have included iPod’s, T.V’s, Monitor’s, Free hosting and link exchanges. With the market becoming more and more saturated as the time passes many web hosting companies, I am sure will be resulting to outrageous and very marketing techniques to promote their business.
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