Weblinkhosting.com, Web hosting prices slashed due to competition.

Written By: Tony Tebano

Today, Weblinkhosting.com has announced and unveiled a new array of hosting plans that are designed to better meet the needs of the consumers. The plans that they have created are listed here:

Power-LINK – Host One Domain (Sale Prices Starting at $6.97/mo) Xtra-LINK – Host Two Domains (Sale Prices Starting at $9.97/mo)

The new plans are available now and, for a limited time and are expected to perhaps change in the upcoming months. This shows that weblinkhosting.com and many rivals like Midphase, Time Warner and iPowerWeb are starting to compete with very low prices and high space and bandwidth offers to the hosting consumers.

The hosting plans offered by WebLink include all the features one would need to host a basic, ecommerce and advanced website. One of the unique functions they have implemented is the success of their rollover bandwidth feature which rollover unused bandwidth to the upcoming month. Much like Cingular does with unused cell phone minutes.

WebLink also has announced that at the end of September 26th 2005 they will cease to give out free 19″ DELL monitors to their customers. This program was set to last only through the summer for promotional reasons.

New customers will select on of our new packages when ordering. However, if you would like to upgrade an existing WebLinkHosting.com account to one of the new packages, you would need to contact Weblinkhosting.com and request an account upgrade. The upgrade consists of no downtime and take several hours to complete.

Additionally, they have implemented Fantastico into their hosting plan line. With this additional feature, Fantastico allows their clientele to use many top notch scripts most often used in the web hosting industry. As a result, you’ll be able to easily add impressive functionality to your sites such as discussion boards, blogs, surveys, calendars, and image galleries even if you possess little or no programming knowledge.
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