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Written By: R.G. France

“I have a small shop that sells assorted gift items. Should I build a website knowing that I only have our local market as my target?” This is one of the questions that we got from our forum. Most of the business websites serves international and countrywide clients, but what if you have a small local shop that only serves local clients?

You may notice that some websites with real domain names are for personal use only where they put their pictures, few details about them and what is happening with their lives but they don’t sell anything. How much more for a local shop that is income generating.

What can your website do for your small local shop?

Your website may serve as your online brochure. Some people may find it more convenient to browse a website and look what that specific store offers than to drive a mile to go to the shop and look what items they offer. It would be better if you can have a database of your items on your website.

Your website may take orders of your customers. If they found what they need in your website, you can offer an online ordering form for your customers to take their orders. You can either have it delivered if you have a delivery service or have it ready for pick up by your customers.

How and where to get the Internet traffic for the website of your local shop?

Web rings – web ring is a linking system of websites of the same subject. In your case, search for a local web ring and include your website on their list or database.

Search Engine – Some search engine such as Yahoo! allows submission of website through their local edition. Choose your country and submit your URL.

Signage – Put the URL of your website on the signage of your shop. In that way, people on the street will see the URL and will be aware that your shop has a website.

There are more ways to promote your website for your local shop such as printing it on stationeries, key chains or paper bags of your shop, you just have to be creative.

About the Author: R.G. France is the global moderator of http://www.internet-money-talk.com and co-founder of http://www.tipstrip.com .

Source: www.isnare.com

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