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Written By: Sid John

Some people are looking for a webpage as a quick way to express themselves or to keep in touch with friends and family. Fortunately, there are many options to setup a personal web page online.

Blogs are a good way to start

Free blogs from services like Blogger, Blog-city and others are a good way to setup a personal web page. They offer lots of space, good indexing in search engines if you desire and the platforms are easy to use. Just do a quick sign up, add your content, a few pictures and you’re done.

Traditional web page

Yahoo Geocities, Bravenet and a few other online services still offer free web pages for anyone. In addition, these larger communities will give you lots of tools such as guest books, library of pictures, animations, chat rooms, scripts and millions of people that are already listed.

Colleges, Universities and Companies

If you attend a large college or university or if you’re employed by a relatively large and tech savvy company you might have a space already that you can use to setup your web page. Just be aware these institutions usually set very strict guidelines on what type of content is allowed on their pages.

So if you want to explore a particular type of hobby or music, you’re going to be better off with a free blog or webpage that is not linked to a corporation. They’ll also have an agreement, but other than porn and hate speech you can get away with almost anything on the free blogs and free personal web pages.
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