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<h2>Website traffic can pay for itself in a number of ways:</h2> Google AdSense<br /> CPM Banner Displays<br /> PTC Banners<br /> Sales / New signups<br /><br />

These are a few examples, there are certainly more unseen ways traffic is paying for itself, including a better search engine ranking, resulting in higher quality website traffic!

<h3>Google AdSense<a name=”GoogleAdSense”></h3> Google AdSense is a great way to earn cash off your website with no effort at all. Visitors come to your website and see Google’s ads on the side, and if they are interested, they click them. You get paid for visitors clicking on ads! Website traffic can get you targeted visitors who are likely to click these ads generating revenue for you.

<h3>CPM Banner Displays<a name=”CPMBannerDisplay”></h3>

Though you get paid far less for these kinds of ads, they do pay you for doing nothing. There are two kinds of CPM Banner programs you can join: Unique counters and Raw counters. Raw counters typically pay less, however unique counters take longer to get to your payout. At our rock-bottom prices, you can buy hundreds of thousands of untargeted visitors to view your website and get paid for it through CPM Banner programs.

<h3>PTC Banners<a name=”PTCBanners”></h3> Pay To Click Banners, or PTC for short, generate more revenue than CPM banner displays but typically less than Google’s AdSense program.

<h3>Sales / New Signups<a name=”Sales”></h3> New website sales or signups on your website is the best way to make a revenue. By purchasing traffic from at discounted, wholesale prices, you can increase your profit and get return customers, all while saving money!
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