What Is Adware And How To Prevent It

Written By: Jeff Slokum

Adware and spyware work in a similar manner. Both are installed onto your computer without your knowledge. However, unlike spyware that actually tracks your computer habits, adware displays advertising banners on your computer even when you are not running the originally desired program. You can be fairly certain that if you see adware on your computer that your computer is also infected with spyware. There are steps that you can take to protect your computer and your information.

The first thing to do is to run an anti spyware and adware software program. Perform on demand scans on your computer regularly. It is suggested that after you perform a scan that you reboot your computer and run the scan again to make sure there were no “ticklers” left behind. Ticklers are applications that will automatically re install spyware and adware.

Along with anti spyware and adware software perform a regular on demand scan of your computer with antivirus software.

Do not download free files. Most of these free files are there for one reason – to infect your machine. Never open unsolicited e mail. Delete this e mail without reading it.

Check the security code level on your own computer. Make sure that your security settings are high enough to protect you. Your security settings should be at least medium.

Whenever you install software make sure that you read the end-user license agreement. Some of these license agreements tell you that you will be installing spyware along with the software.

Be aware of threats to your computer. There are many sites available to help you stay abreast of new threats. PestPatrol’s Research Center (http://www.pestpatrol.com/pestinfo) is one site you can visit for up to date information on spyware and adware threats.

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