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Ecommerce is the product, and ‘dotcom’ greed, the waste; and in it’s wake is strewn a vibrant internet community, oozing a strong passionate flow of community and trade presence.
Fear from the dotcom ‘crash’, due to over priced and underachieving Internet ventures, has pushed many businesses, in panic mode, to close down their Net products, and re-open them at a cost. This blinkered attitude, stoked by a need to make the Net pay, has these companies trying to turn the Internet into a closed trading arena, charging people on entry.
It is a fanciful idea to think that the Internet can be a closed medium, left to the authoritarianism of a few greedy misguided entities, hell bent on creating closed money farms. The Internet is still a place in which to find freedom to trade, get involved in community activities, and push oneself in a pioneering way.
To observe true Internet success, one must meet internet savvy people. With their new global passion, they encourage ‘visitors’ to share their ideas and thoughts through written content, dotted around the Net on their own websites or free content sites. Unfortunately the Internet was exploited early on by the ‘get-rich-quick’ opportunists, financed by ‘investment return’ hungry backers, who very quickly saw the potential for so little cost; and hijacked them to be used as the tools in the next consumer revolution.
Fortunately though, what the opportunists chose to ignore, to their peril, was that THESE consumer types were not consumers in-confirmation, they were only ‘potential’ consumers, and still very private people being ‘home-invaded’. These were real people in a private environment, being themselves. This was the vital picture they missed, the signpost they missed while cruising at dangerous high speeds. When people use the internet they are in an environment where THEY are ‘in control’, able to defend them selves against the obtrusive ‘opportunists’. They would now have to be ‘wooed’.
People seek communities offline, so why should it be different online. Local, global, real time, interactive, informative and social, the traits of the ‘community’. These people do not come together on the internet only to buy, this is generally the last thing on their minds, stats show that people come online, in the majority, to socialise. These social outlets have been targeted by the Opportunist and Co. as the next entry fee based Ecommerce centres.
Internet users must be shown it’s easy to keep the web free for all to use. One only has to think about a subject and go searching for information on it. The moment an opportunist tries to make money by selling you the information, just continue your search for the community that wants to share your passion, for free.
Keep clicking till you find the right community and then get involved. Once we all start moving away from these big commercial dollar consumed sites, the Internet will provide more social freedom and become a ‘world’ in itself, of social communities. Singular institutions will not prevail, there will be a time where private Net users will just ignore the negative attitudes of minority-controlled broadcast mediums, who try to influence people; and pass them by in true ‘tortoise and hare’ style.
Create your own content, it’s easy. It only takes a passionate person to create ‘good’ content. Create your own site and display there; go to other communities and put up News and Events; some Communities provide click through, browser based sites, so no skill needed. The most important thing is that the Internet platform remains free.
By involving yourself in a local or global, free entry, community on the Internet, you will find realistic business opportunities and do your bit to keep the Net free. You will find that the Internet is a medium to help you to socialise and, if inclined, create business; and NOT a place ONLY to fill your bank account with money having bought some smart software or built a smart web site. To make money you have to provide a useful service as you would off the Internet; and with internet usage growing each day, its not so difficult to find people of like mind, making it an efficient home for networking wether for trade or community.
When you provide a worthwhile service, people will respect your efforts, which can translate into business contacts or social interaction. This community feel is ignored on sites just interested in trade only, you are a consumer and boil down nicely into two types, you buy or you don’t. An open forum and a free flowing market place, where the goal is community and trade interaction, is the way trade has always been conducted for thousands of years, and the Net is NO different.
So when you are searching for the topic of your choice, look around, you do not have to be herded like livestock into a commercial paddock, click on another link, get out of there, and show these money mad opportunists that you are free and intend to stay so. The Net is huge and there are many out there that like what you like.
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