Where is the Magic?

Written By: Mike Banks Valentine

Entrancement with the web is epidemic. There are 7 million
new pages added daily according to recent statistics. Why?

There is something magical going on here.

The web has taken hard-nosed and jaded venture capitalists in
record numbers and sucked their massive bank accounts dry. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

Big business has dumped billions into creating new web tools,
web technologies, innovations to allow universal web access
in airports, hotels and convention centers. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

People have given up lifelong passions and established careers
to get into this new medium in one way or another. I’m one of
them and I believe that it is absolutely fascinating, endlessly
useful. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

When most new inventions or radical ideas are introduced, the
historical reaction from the “experts” has been derision.
Attempts to discredit and attack the innovators are common.

That’s not happening with the web. Yes, Aunt Martha is a bit
slow to get interested. Schools are bit slow to get connected.

How else do you explain the growth in interest from the public,
even with record losses suffered by web and technology companies
on the stock market? Why do companies continue to invest in
technology and the internet when it looks like a financial black

Because there is something magical going on here.

There can be no explaining why individuals put their lives up
on the web for the world to see, even when their visitor counts
are abysmally low. Unless we are all under some sort of magical
spell cast by the internet faery, there can be no explaining it.

I’ll bet you are expecting me to answer my own questions here.
Wrong. I think it’s a massive mistake to seek understanding of
miracles and magic. I’m just going to accept it and I want to
be there when the next miracle happens. I’m simply entranced.

Because there is something magical going on here.

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