Which Directories

Written By: Clare Lawrence

Which Directories
By Clare Lawrence 19th August 2004

There are literally 1,000 of directories on the web and new ones pop up every day.

Which ones should I submit to? Well firstly, provided a directorys pages are indexed by the search engines (e.g. Google) and each page has a definite theme, then they all are!

A few directories do however, have a strong effect on search engines rankings and have sufficient visitor volumes to warrant the effort to get a listing.

Some are free, others charge.

The key directories are:-

1) DM0Z (the open directory)
2) Yahoo
3) Business.com
4) MSNsmallbusiness

Some minor directories worth being listed in

5) Bluefind (paid)
6) Gimpsy
7) Allthebizz
8) Smallerbizz
9) Wowdirectory

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