Why 95% Of Articles Are Useless For SEO Marketing

Written By: Dave Ryan

Many webmasters submit articles about their respective niches to gain incoming links from other webmasters in their niche or a related subject matter, but 95% of them are doing it WRONG!

When you are writing an article for your niche to be used by other webmasters you need to optimize it for them. Remember, they are who you are writing the articles for; why would you want to give them junk that wont help them draw in customers? If you write articles that don’t help out the webmasters who use it, odds are that they will choose not to use your future articles.

The key to writing strong articles is simple, provide the content that they want for their site. Many authors will just write about the topic but not consider how well it will perform on others sites, and this is a fatal error. You need to use simple search engine optimization (SEO) tactics in your articles to get the best response from your articles. You need to help increase their page rank, be it on Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other search engine. If you optimize your articles in this way webmasters will definitely want to use your articles, not only that but are a lot more likely to check in on your future articles and use them as well.

So what are the search engine optimization (SEO) tactics you can use in your articles? Keywords, keywords, keywords. Now packing your article full of the related keywords will only do so much and it may actually deter webmasters from using your articles if the content isn’t worth reading to a visitor. There are some simple to use guidelines for using keywords though, that if implemented will increase your syndication rate by leaps and bounds.

Headings, such as your title, will have greater search engine weight than the content in the article. So try to build your title around the niche using related keywords. The title is the #1 thing that will make or break your articles syndication so make sure to focus it on the niche and be creative. Remember your title not only draws in webmasters to use your article, it also draws in people to their site to read it. The more people you draw to their site the more likely they are to pick up your next article.

Bold content, relative to the article, will have a greater search engine weight than the normal text. This is powerful as it allows you to make certain words stick out to the reader, and the search engine spiders. Use this to emphasize key points, but be careful not to over use it as it will look lame and will drive off readers.

Check out article content sites such as E-Biz Articles to see how well crafted articles dominate over poorly constructed ones. There are a lot of article submission sites out there and they all want one thing, quality content for webmasters to use. So please don’t submit articles that are not directly focused on the niche as it will be less likely to get syndicated and could wreck a webmasters site if it is automatically posted there(through RSS). Not only that but they will be a lot less likely to post your next article to their site. Always remember, your writing for webmasters. Provide them with quality and they will provide you with a syndicated article spot on their site AKA the golden feed for an article writer.
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