Why Budding NetPreneurs Fail

Written By: Chuck Huckaby

NetPreneurs fail all too often because they wrongly assume that marketing on the Net is a no cost business when, in reality it is simply a low cost or targeted cost business.

The most successful NetPreneurs invest either targeted advertising dollars AND/OR targeted “sweat equity” in order to generate a steady flow of traffic to their websites. Without traffic, NO product ever sells.

Many would be NetPreneurs understimate the amount of traffic that is actually required to create and sustain a business though. They will join free “safelists” and blast away often ill conceived or “me too” messages to thousands of names without realizing that, for the most part, participants on the list are all looking to sell – not buy.

If asked, any honest businessperson would admit they want a clientele of affluent, repeat buyers who may one day even become joint venture partners not the “dollar store entrepreneurs” who make no effort to grow as business people. (We all have to start somewhere…some though are unwilling to move beyond humble beginnings and invest in themselves!)

They design (or use cloned) websites and then think that every hit should become an instant “sale”.

In reality, thousands of hits may only translate into a few sales (at best). NetPreneurs should be seeking thousands of hits per day… budding netpreneurs who fail though routinely think that they’d have it “made” if they received a thousand hits per month and give up when that paltry number of hits does not produce instant wealth.

Then as hosting bills start to mount and the affiliate commissions don’t roll in like a tidal wave, reality sets in!

The key for the budding NetPreneur is to target a niche.

Identifying buyers when they are ready to buy requires an altogether different strategy of allowing prospects with money to spend to FIND YOU.

That involves a long term strategy of dailing activities designed to 1) create significant CONTENT that is 2) Search Engine Friendly and Buyer Friendly while 3) “monetizing” the site so that it generates several streams of income from both advertising AND affiliate sales.

Keywords niches analyzed.

Articles written.

Pages posted and optimized.

Blogs blogged.

Press releases submitted.

Message boards visited.

Customers served.

Joint ventures pursued.

Subscriber bases built.

Ads judiciously targeted.


Only by constant tweaking and promotion will the budding NetPreneur get the Big Boys (and Girls) at Google, Yahoo!, Inktomi, and to send search engine referrals their way.

Most give up well before succes is achieved. Don’t be one of them!

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