Why Coloring Your Fonts is Not Always Recommended

Written By: Maricon Williams

Theres something wrong with a house dominated by weeds and vines. Those crawlers are an eyesore to the passersby. Not only that, they camouflage the beauty of the architecture and landscape and no one would dare explore it

This is also true when it comes to background, fonts and color of visual ads and prints. Too much color wipes out eagerness on the part of the readers. They can appear to be the weeds, where blades in one way or another can cause destruction this is the reason why it is important to wisely choose colors and fonts. It can either make or break your marketability chain.

Colors communicate. In fact they are so much part of our lives. Font should be of sufficient contrast to the background so that it can be easily read. In practice, most of us uses black on white or vary pale backgrounds because the combination makes it more readable compared to green fonts on a red background or vice versa which is very much awkward.

When choosing your color scheme for your fonts, make the major color choices first. Plan on what color will dominate the background. Ensure that the selected colors coordinate with your selected color scheme and that all font colors can be seen well on your background colors.

Experts tell us not to color small font. In doing so results to misregistration or a little bit of variance in the consistency of the different color plates. There is a bit of inconsistency in the lining up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black pigments in the font characters.

Colored font can be used in making large headline type text. It can also be use to smaller fonts but not less than 12 point size. Too smaller colored fonts will become unnoticeable and hard to read. In cases when you use dark background, do not use white text with smaller point sizes same result will accrue. It will look unprofessionally made.

Be aware also of the needs of color-blind readers of your webpages who see a screen with a little deviation of colors. They can hardly read pale fonts. Sometimes it is better to opt for the standard way of making font colors and designs. Most of the time, it is better to stick on the principle – less is beautiful. That way you can be assured of the usability and readability of your pages.

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