Why do we hate spam so much?

Written By: Linda Landry

Why do we hate spam so much?
By Linda Landry (c)

Everyone agrees that spam is BAD! We obviously hate
it because we named it SPAM. The garbage lunch meat
packed in a can and made from leftover animal parts; the
next thing to waste! Yes, I agree it is annoying to have
your electronic mail box filled with unsolicited mail. But
isn’t that what the delete key is for? Once you eliminate
the unwanted item, it is as if it never existed. So why do
we get so upset? Is it because we get unnecessary mail
telling us how to grow body organs we don’t have or how
to get more pleasure from sex? Or is it the pornography
we did not request and we are embarrassed that someone
may think we did? I am sure the large part of our concern
is ‘catching’ a virus. We can protect ourselves from this
contamination with software just as we can protect ourselves
from germs by taking precautions. We cannot totally eliminate
the possibility of becoming infected. But we have learned to
live with the reality of germs. Will we ever become accustomed
to the reality of a computer virus? We have adjusted to junk mail
in our snail mail boxes and telephone solicitors dialing our number
without permission, so why do we get so upset about spam? It has
become the number one topic and it is being labeled as abuse.
Perhaps we should just learn to use our delete key and appreciate
the availability of this free avenue of communication; before it
becomes regulated.

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