Why I Started America’s Real Estate Digest

Written By: Mike Colpitts

Why I Started America’s Real Estate Digest

America’s Real Estate Digest has debuted on the Internet offering the latest information on Real Estate markets in all 50 States. There are some real golden nuggets in America’s Real Estate Digest, where you can read about some of the hottest upcoming real estate markets and others you may want to avoid.

Until now there hasn’t been a place to get one stop shopping information on every States real estate markets. There are tens of thousands of real estate sites on the web. But nothing like America’s Real Estate Digest. All 50 U.S. States real estate markets are profiled on the website, which is http://RealEstateAdd.com It’s a comprehensive resource for consumers.

Thanks for the taking the time to find out just why I started America’s Real Estate Digest. I’m Mike Colpitts and I’ve been listing and selling real estate since 1989. Before I started my career in real estate I was a professional journalist.

Every time I’d work with a real estate client whether it was in California, where I started selling real estate, Washington State or now in Florida where I make my home clients would ask me what the real estate market was like somewhere else in the Nation.

I didn’t live there, but I always made it my business to know what other markets were like, but the resources were bleak with the exception of an occasional report from the mass media or the annual report from the National Association of Realtors. So I decided to start America’s Real Estate Digest on the internet to give consumers the information they want and really need in today’s information driven society.

There are some great buyers real estate markets and there are still some great sellers markets scattered all over the United States, and there are also some local real estate markets that are still undiscovered by the general public that have some of the best appreciation to come in future years.

There are residential and commercial real estate markets where investors will make a killing and there are markets where you better sell today before it’s too late tomorrow. On America’s Real Estate Digest you can find out about local real estate markets all over the Nation, and then find a local real estate agent who is an expert in their local market place to help you.

America’s Real Estate Digest has been developed over the past two years with the help of real estate agents, bankers and brokers all over the country.

Every real estate client I’ve ever had asked about real estate markets some where else, which really got me to thinking over the years. I started America’s Real Estate Digest to let people know what the market is like back where they grew up or where their friends are living in another part of the country today. Visit America’s Real Estate Digest at http://RealEstateAdd.com

For additional information contact Mike Colpitts at (850) 622-1018. Mike lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and has been Certified as a Recreation and Resort real estate specialist.

About the Author

Mike Colpitts is a former professional journalist who worked in the newspaper and television fields before entering real estate sales in 1989.

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