Category: Music Theory

Discovering the Conservatory of Milan

The Conservatory of Milan is also known as the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali. Founded in 1807, it was named after the great composer Giuseppe Verdi. The birth and growth of this institution can be traced back to the conquest of northern Italy by Napoleon, who founded the Cisalpine Republic. The handover between the Austrians Read More

Learning to play the saxophone

The saxophone is a very important musical instrument and learning how to play it is no small thing. This instrument is able to adapt to many different musical styles, giving the possibility to use it in many different occasions. It can, therefore, be appreciated in many contexts. The sound of the saxophone has an unmistakable Read More

What is music: a journey to discover this reality

When you ask yourself what music is, you have to keep in mind that everything that is present in our world causes a sound. Music accompanies us all our lives because it represents an important part of it. This can be considered an art, but at the same time also a science. This is because Read More

Playing the saxophone: alone or with a professional?

Among the most complex and articulated musical instruments to master is the Sax, better known as Saxophone. Among them is the most fascinating, but also the least chosen by aspiring melodists because of its complexity. The practice that leads to mastering it, is often articulated and tortuous and leads to discourage many aspiring saxophonists. This Read More

Piano and pianists famous in various musical genres

Thanks to their peculiarities, many pianists (from all historical periods) have managed to distinguish themselves from many others, even acquiring the status of celebrities. They did so by playing styles that were often completely different, but had in common excellent sounds. The piano is probably the only musical instrument that has spread evenly throughout the Read More