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How to: Learn to Play Electronic Drums

Playing an electronic model is not so different from playing an acoustic model: in both cases you need to study and passion. Are there more or less difficulties with the electronic battery than with the acoustic one? Basically no. The approach, the methods, as well as the dedication are the same. So there is nothing Read More

How to amplify an electronic battery

We have selected a series of amplifiers that allow you to better hear the sound of your electronic drum kit. The electronic one is a valid alternative to the classic drum kit. Unlike this one, the best electronic battery takes up less space, its volume can be easily contained or muted, so much so that Read More

Does listening to music help you study? Here are our tips

For music-loving students who live with earphones in their ears it is customary to study by listening to their favorite playlists on Spotify. This habit has attracted the attention of some researchers and psychologists, who have wondered how much it affects mnemonic activity and increased school performance. Does listening to music makes the brain more Read More

Electric guitar and prices: how to save money

For the electric guitar, prices can be an obstacle if you decide to learn or change this musical instrument. Prices can be very high, but there is a solution to everything, because the market offers us a large number of products. The possibilities of doing business are many. Currently it is possible to find very Read More

5 things to do to write a song

Whether you are musicians, singers, songwriters or simply curious, you have certainly wondered at least once how to write a masterpiece? It’s hard to give a clear and valid answer to such a question, but we can try again by lowering expectations a little bit and reformulating the question with a little more realism, asking Read More